Stuck for a Birthday Present?

Know someone who would love a pet portrait or Papercut Family Tree, but unsure which photo/names they
want to use? Gift Vouchers 
available, giving the recipient the option to choose which Blue Gecko products they would like to commission.
The personalised gift vouchers are available to any value, from £10 upwards. Or if you prefer, it can simply be given stating "One commission portrait of (insert pets name)" or "One Custom Papercut Family Tree" The recipient does no need to know the value if you want to pay in full for the commission. Vouchers will display the name of the buyer/s, the recipients name and for portraits, the name of the pet (if known).I can even customise the voucher to suit the occasion! Vouchers can be emailed to you in high resolution, for you to print out and give as a gift, or sent to you via first class post. The voucher will be valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, giving the recipient plenty of time to get the 'perfect photo'!

Simply contact me and we can further discuss the details of the commission and the price. My prices 
are very competitive, and I always offer no obligation quotes. As every commission is unique, the price is dependant upon the subject, the number of animals/names and the time it will take to complete the piece.

Give a gift which will last a lifetime!