If you are interested in having a commission portrait done, please contact me for further information. 
My prices are very competitive, and I offer no obligation quotes based on the photographs you send me. 
Each portrait is unique and quotes will be based on the animal(s) and the estimated time it will take to create.
Coloured pencil portrait of 'Ghost' the German Shepherd

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Henley'

Coloured pencil portrait of the gorgeous Jack Russell Terrier, 'Stan'

Coloured pencil portrait of the very handsome 'Bronson'

Coloured pencil portrait of a Rhacodactylus leachianus Gecko

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Charlie'

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Dusty' the Old English Sheep Dog

Coloured pencil 'Pugtrait' of 'Dexter' the Pug

Pastel Pencil Portrait of 'Moo' 
Fancy Mouse

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Max'
German Shepherd

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Nudey Moo' 
Hairless/Fuzzy mouse

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Jager' & 'Molly'

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Seth' (Springer spaniel)                  'Arthur' (Great Dane) & 'Bertha' (Bloodhound x Labrador)

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Charlie' and Joe' 
West Highland Terriers

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Clyde' the Veiled Chameleon

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Mia' Blue Merle Border Collie

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Ben' and 'Max' 
West Highland Terriers

Coloured pencil portrait of 'Milo' Green Winged Macaw

Coloured pencil portrait of two Lhasa apso Brothers

Coloured pencil portrait of a Rough Green Snake

Watercolour pencil portrait of 'Ocho' 
a Greenbottle Blue Tarantula Spiderling

Original Photo- Sometimes you get the opportunity to do something amazing, this was one of those times! This was a surprise commission from the recipients Mum, who was away on holiday. Between us all we managed, with military precision to achieve a complete surprise- even down to being collected! The look on her face was priceless, makes letting go of this drawing that bit easier! This handsome boy was a dream to draw- just look at all that beautiful fluff!

Original Photo- this lovely little man was a pleasure to draw, I added extra sharpness to the image as the original photo was slightly out of focus. The light reflecting off his nose worked perfectly, and he is such a lovely colour!

Original Photo- Such a handsome boy! I moved his ear to a forward position for the purpose of the portrait, as in every other photo (not the best for portraits, but showed his character very well) his ears are always forward.

Original Photo- this boy was an absolute pleasure to draw, 
an excellent pose that made this gentle giant look so regal. 
I omitted the drool from his face, for the purpose of his portrait.

Original Photo- I love these geckos and was over the moon to be asked 
to draw this stunning example of one for my client! It certainly proved 
a challenge, but I loved every minute of it!

Sadly I do not have any original photos of this lovely boy, 
this is a memorial portrait of Charlie. 
I worked from printed, pixelated phone photos and unfortunately
they would not scan well- I am assured however by his owner,
that the likeness is unbelievable- something an artist always loves to hear!


Original Photo- I fell in love with this guy immediately, 
a ball of fluff & an absolute pleasure to draw! This is the 6" Square portrait, just big enough to capture the detail perfectly.

Original photo- I took this photo after walking Dexter with our dog 'Mia'. The photo was taken (unbeknown to my friend at the time) with intentions of me turning this into a custom portrait for her. I love the angle of this photo, it shows the flat 'pug profile', and just captures his 'larger than life' character perfectly!

Original photo- I opted to create this as a cute life-sized portrait (actual size shown on the left- 8cm x 8cm!) with a softer feel in pastel pencils (which annoyingly, never look as nice when scanned!)  I love the 'intrigued' pose in this photo!

Original photos- there weren't many photos to work from for this commission as sadly Max passed away unexpectedly. The poses in each photo either didn't work compositionally, or the photo was not clear enough to do Max justice in the portrait. I used the photos available as a reference to produce a portrait which showed his character and gorgeous colours at their best. 

Original photo- Another 'Mini Portrait' 8cm x 8cm, this size works brilliantly for small rodent pets; it shows them at their cutest!

Original photos- I love the poses in these photos, the angles are ideal for a portrait. I opted for an alternative layout for these two, which worked perfectly to display them individually within the same portrait.

Original photos- The first photo, although a little washed out showed enough detail to work from accurately, and the pose works really well. The owner wanted all three dogs in the same portrait; the pose in the (top right) photo was perfect when flipped round to fit the portrait, though the third photo was needed as reference for facial markings (once the original photo was flipped, the markings were reversed).


Original photos- As the photos were taken from different viewpoints, the composition would not work by simply 'sitting' the dogs together for the portrait. Ironically, the image was brought together by emphasising the dogs individually, and embracing the different angles.

Original Photo- This was perfect to work from, I chose to keep the background simple to emphasise the Chameleon (blending into the portrait would not work!) Though I did add a hint of foliage, to soften the lines- plus, Chameleons are rarely too far away from something to hide amongst!

Original Photo- this is an excellent example of a good portrait photo, not only does it capture the animals expression, the light and contrast is perfect, and the background does not interfere with the animal.

Original photos- As the photos were taken from different viewpoints, the composition would not work by simply 'sitting' the dogs together for the portrait. Ironically, the image was brought together by emphasising the dogs individually, and embracing the different angles. 

Original photo- owner did not wish to have the cage in the finished portrait, also emphasised the birds stunning plumage along the chest in the final piece.

Original photo- moved the dogs closer together for the final portrait as the owner wished to emphasise the bond these two have. (This is also possible from two clear individual photographs if you prefer) The owner was delighted that even the tiniest distinguishing details were captured; such as the dog with the slightly undershot jaw (left) and his little 'smile'. 

Original photo- the photo itself was perfect to work from, as the light focused the eye on the snakes' head. For a more natural feel the composition was enhanced with the addition of a 'lucky bamboo' backdrop.

Original photo- as you can see, portraits can be done of any pet no matter how weirdly wonderful it may be!